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Photo of Bill Grimes

Bill Grimes, Professor of Biochemistry
Bill came to the University of Arizona in 1971. In 1985 he became Head of the Undergraduate Program in Biochemistry, and was asked to create a new Introductory Course in Biology. Working first with Dr. Marty Hewlett and joined the second year by Dr. Rick Hallick, he has continued the development of Biology 181 as an introductory course for majors and non-majors. He enjoys the intellectual stimulation of his cancer research, but regards teaching and advising as his most important activities.

Bill Retired from the University of Arizona in 2008

Photo of Rick Hallick

Rick Hallick, Professor of Biochemistry

Rick has been teaching undergraduate biology and biochemistry since 1973. He has a strong interest in using technology to enhance undergraduate education. Rick is co-founder and faculty supervisor of the Biology Learning Center, and also is active in designing MacMolecule2, molecular graphics software for undergraduate education. He is the author of 22 Activities/Problem Sets at The Biology Project, including the material on Mendelian genetics, human genetics, photosynthesis, ABO blood type, Red/Green Colorblindness, molecular genetics and DNA forensics. Rick is currently leading an initiative to create a web-based environment for use by collaborators in translating The Biology Project into other languages.

Rick retired from the University of Arizona in 2007

Photo of Ken Williams

Ken Williams, Principal Systems Analyst / Technologist

Ken wrote his first computer program in 1964, and joined The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at The University of Arizona in 1984 to support computational biology. In 1995 Ken teamed up with Rick Hallick and Bill Grimes to help develop and deploy the online educational activities that have become The Biology Project. His contributions include systems design and administration, database and middleware programming and maintaining the technological underpinnings of our web services.

Ken retired from the University of Arizona in 2006


Development Staff

The Biology Project is no longer actively developed. Page errors are fixed as we learn about them, but no new material will be added to the site.
To notify us about problems with the site, please contact the current webmaster

Collaborators for Chemicals & Human Health section

Joanna K. Norman, Program Coordinator
Joanna was the Program Coordinator for the Community Outreach and Education Program at the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center. The current program coordinator is Marti Lindsey,

Collaborators in Spanish Translation

Director - Mentor
Dr. Carlos Enrique Pelozo

Doctor en Ciencias Veterinarias
Facultad de Recursos Naturales
Univeridad National de Formosa
Formosa, Argentina
Dr. Adolfo Rossiter

Medico Veterinario
Facultad de Recursos Naturales
Univeridad National de Formosa
Formosa, Argentina
Kenna Mills and Julio Miranda

El Proyecto Enlaces
University of Chile
Santiago, Chile

Former Team Members

  Nathan Hartvigsen, Web Education Specialist
Nathan's work focused on graphics and animations for The Biology Project content. He was also the managing editor of the Math Awareness Week web sites for 1998 and 1999.
  Robert Hershoff, Application Systems Analyst, Senior
Robert's duties included technical support for the Biology Project.
  Jennifer Katcher, Senior Media Specialist
Jennifer developed online biology learning materials and was involved with the instructional design of The Biology Project.
  Madeleine Lapointe, Senior Instructional Specialist
Madeleine's primary concern was with the instructional design of The Biology Project. Drawing from the cognitive learning theories, she transformed academic content provided by content experts into courseware modules.
  Bjorn Meyer, Biochemistry Computing Student Assistant
Bjorn assisted in maintaining the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Department's computer infrastructure.
  Michael Wagenheim, Web Designer, Web Application Developer
  Denice Warren, Senior Instructional Specialist
Denice coordinated development of The Biology Project's web site from its inception to 1999.

Former Student Interns

Darin Goss, Undergraduate intern
Darin was an undergraduate at the UA majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology. Darin transferred to the UA from Scottsdale Community college in the Fall of 1996 and began a year-long internship with The Biology Project.
Marcia Underwood, Graphic Designer
Marcia was The Biology Project's first graphic design artist (1996-1997). She also contributed to the content of the site, designing problem sets and research summaries. She is an undergraduate at U of A studying Graphic Design.

Other contributors

Karin Dixon and Elizabeth Willott have both provided valuable feedback to make The Biology Project a better web site. Special thanks to both of them!

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