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Graphic from Link Award Link Award
Selected as the "Weekly Link Award" winner for this week (September 7 - 13, 2003)! is a high quality directory of user-submitted links to the most interesting and useful Web sites (in English, German and Italian language).

Selected by the SciLinks program, a service of National Science Teachers Association. Copyright 2001.
SciLinks is an endeavor by NSTA to connect textbooks to useful online content.

Recommended Online Resource for science educators.
Lþnkskafferiet logo Länkskafferiet (the Link Larder)
The Link Larder is a database for educational use which consists of subject structured and quality assessed Internet information resources. The Link Larder is a part of the Swedish Schoolnet and was comissioned by and has continuing support from the National Agency for Education. WannaLearn directory
Our site has been selected as a educational resource by this directory of "The best free, family-safe, online tutorials, guides and instructionally oriented Websites on the Net!" has recently been featured in Entertainment Weekly, the Time-Warner publication, as the portal site that "turns education into revelation".

National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)
The NBII is an electronic gateway to biological data and information maintained by federal, state, and local government agencies; private sector organizations; and other partners around the nation and the world. Online-Service for Cell Biology/Germany
Link of the month (March 2000)

Guide des meilleurs sites Web/France
Notre site figure dans l'édition 2000 du Guide des meilleurs sites Web paru le 15/10/99 chez MicrosofPress/France

Discovery Channel School
Our site has been selected as a valuable educational Internet resource


Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
Featured in September 1999 Digital Dozen
Science Magazine
March 26, 1999
Open Directory
Cool Site, February 1999

The Life Science Home Page
Web Site of the Week at SciWeb - The Life Science Home Page, a web site designed to collate and present information and communication tools to the Life Science community
1999 Webby Awards Nominee The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences
One of 5 nominees in the Science Category!
This site is listed in the BBC Education Web Guide. The best learning resources on the Net are only a click away!
Cyber-Teddy Top 500 Web Site
Rated as "indespensible" by BioMedLink, an evaluated and annotated database of Internet resources for the biomedical community jointly created by BioMedNet and the University of Indiana.
Austria Information Switchboard's Information Value of the Week (July 8, 1998)
An Apple a Day: Cool Apple (June 8, 1998)
Nervelink-->the intellectual scene>science
New Scientist's Site of the Day (May 1998) and Hotspot
Learning in Motion Top10! Educational Sites (April 1998)
Yahoo! Cool Site, April 1998
Project Cool Sighting, April 4, 1998
Blue Web'n Learning Applications Library
HMS Beagle WebPick 1997
Learn Linx's Site of the Month
Scout Report Selection
Access Excellence's Biology Hotlist Excellent rating at Medsite

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