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All of the materials in this web site are copyrighted either by the individual authors or The Biology Project at The University of Arizona, under the auspices of the Arizona Board of Regents. Materials from this site may not be published on any web site or used in any commercial endeavor in any form without written permission from The Biology Project and/or the individual copyright holder. Some materials are copyrighted by other entities, and are used by The Biology Project with their permission. In such cases, permission must be granted by the copyright holder.

Examples of Fair use of these materials:

  • An instructor assigning homework for their own class from The Biology Project.
  • An instructor downloading a section of The Biology Project for use on local machines, providing that the pages are not edited in any way
  • Students copying graphics and placing them into lab reports for class credit, providing that a citation to the source of the graphics is present
  • Linking to The Biology Project from another web page. Please follow our guidelines for linking to The Biology Project

Examples of Unfair use of these materials:

  • Downloading a section of The Biology Project site and modifying the source code for another site
  • Publishing, in any form, graphics and text contained in this site without express permission from The Biology Project
  • Linking pages from The Biology Project to a site for which subscription fees are charged
  • Displaying The Biology Project content associated with any form of advertising.

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