Blackett Family DNA Activity 2

Create a Blackett Family Pedigree

Blackett Family Members

The Blackett Family DNA Activity is largely a genetic study of the inheritance of alleles in an extended family. Bob Blackett has tested DNA samples from himself and 13 other relatives. The first task of a human geneticist is the creation of a family tree, or pedigree to help with the interpretation of genotypes. From the following relationships, construct a pedigree for the Bob and his relatives.

Person Family Relationship
Bob Our propositus
Anne Wife
David Son
Katie Daughter
Fred Father
Norma Mother
Karen Sister
Steve Husband of Karen
Tiffany Daughter of Karen and Steve
Melissa Daughter of Karen and Steve
Amanda Daughter of Karen and Steve
Louise Sister of Fred; Bob's Aunt
Bud Husband of Louise
Buddy Son of Bud and Louise
Dick Son of Bud and Louise
Marilyn Daughter of Bud and Louise
Janet Daughter of Bud and Louise

Would you like to check your answer?

We have prepared a sample pedigree chart of the Blackett family that you can use to check your answer, or to skip this activity if time is limiting. There are two options:

  • View the Pedigree in a new web page
  • Download the pdf version. The pdf version, which requires Adobe Acrobat reader for display and printing, might be useful for taking notes during the ensuing activities.

Introduction : Overview | STR P | CODIS | Analysis | Inheritance | Frequency Calc.

Activities : Pedigree | Collect data | Paternity testing | Missing person | RCMP freq. calc.

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