Blackett Family DNA Activity 2

Collecting STR DNA profile data

STR Data for the Blackett Family

These data are from the actual DNA analysis of the Blackett family members by Bob Blackett. The tracings below show the genotypes for three of the 13 CODIS STR loci. In this activity, you will record the data for use in the ensuing genetic analysis of the Blackett family. Data on the other 10 loci will be provided later.

  • Collect the data for Bob, Anne, David, Katie, Fred and Norma for the "Paternity Testing with STR" Activity.
  • Collect the data for Karen, Tiffany, Melissa, and Amanda for the "DNA Profile of a Missing Person" Activity.
  • You will not need to collect the results for Buddy, Dick, Marilyn and Janet. They are provided for you to create your own activity, i.e. Can you make any conclusions about Louise and Bud?

You may wish to collect data in your own databook. If you would like to use partially completed spreadsheets to speed up your data collection, select from the following shortcuts:

  • Bob, Anne, David, Katie, Fred and Norma either in Table or pdf format.
  • Karen, Tiffany, Melissa, and Amanda either in Table or pdf format.
  • Completed data for Buddy, Dick, Marilyn, and Janet in Table or pdf format.
STR data
Note: In combining all of the individual profiles into a composite diagram for this activity, the tracings were digitally modifed for illustrative purposes.

Introduction : Overview | STR P | CODIS | Analysis | Inheritance | Frequency Calc.

Activities : Pedigree | Collect data | Paternity testing | Missing person | RCMP freq. calc.

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