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Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Lung Development Analyze scientific data to learn how second-hand smoke affects lung development and human health.

Kidneys and Metals Explore the world of renal toxicology, and learn the effect of metals on the kidneys and on kidney cells.

Toxicology Discover ways chemicals can affect human health and develop an understanding of fundamental principles of toxicology.

Lung Toxicology Review the basics of lung anatomy and function and learn about toxicology in the lungs, diseases of the lungs, and environmental tobacco smoke.

The Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center has supporting materials for the Chemicals and Human Health site and lots of other environmental health activities and curricula.

Hydroville  The good citizens of Hydroville need you to help them solve their environmental health problems. A website developed by the Hydroville Curriculum Project at Oregon State University.

Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center is a resource for information on natural and human-made poisonous chemicals.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences :
Kids' Page
has lots of fun activities for kids including games, brainteasers, and current hot topics in environmental health sciences.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: Teacher Support has information and curricula for teachers.

The Biology Project Home > Chemicals & Human Health

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