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Kidneys and Metals Problem Set

This problem set is designed to help you understand renal toxicology of metals. You will learn basic anatomy and physiology of the kidneys, properties of metals, and the effect of metals on the kidneys and on kidney cells.
  1. Kidney anatomy and function
  2. Metals in the body
  3. Properties of metals and health implications
  4. Sources of metals in the environment
  5. Types of metal toxicity
  6. Target organs for metals
  7. Membranes and metals
  8. Metals which harm the kidneys
Instructions: Each topic page has a multiple choice question designed to help you learn the concepts. If you click on the correct answer, you will see the word "correct" along with reinforcing information. If you click on an incorrect answer, you will be given a tutorial page. You can also go directly to the tutorial page by clicking on the tutorial button. Enjoy yourself - it doesn't matter if you select the right or wrong answer - the point is to learn!

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