Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Lung Development Activity


Welcome! In this activity, you will collect and analyze scientific data from an experiment performed by scientists at the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center. You will learn the steps of a scientific experiment, how to use morphometry to collect three-dimensional data, and how to interpret your data. Before you start this activity, you may want to work through the following Biology Project problem sets:

  • Toxicology Discover ways chemicals can affect human health and develop an understanding of fundamental principles of toxicology.
  • Lung Toxicology Review the basics of lung anatomy and function and learn about toxicology in the lungs, diseases of the lungs, and environmental tobacco smoke.

This activity contains 4 sections, which are best viewed in the following order:

Data Collection
Results and Interpretation

When you're ready to start data collection, you'll be asked to enter your first name so the web site can keep track of the data you collect.

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