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Biology Project up for 'Webby': UA's Web site goes from teaching tool to 'Internet Oscar' nominee. Tucson Citizen, 1 Feb 1999

Biology Project web site nominated for Webby. Lo Que Pasa, 25 January 1999

School's In: You don't have to be an Einstein to track down the Net's best homework resources. Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine, September 1998

Arizona's three state universities win biology education grants Lo Que Pasa, 16 September 1998

The Biology Project web site continues to win national acclaim Lo Que Pasa, 25 August 1998

181 Honors Class teaches biology, WWW and real-life lessons Lo Que Pasa, 25 March 1998

Biology Project brings Internet into classroom. Arizona Daily Wildcat, 26 August 1997

Biology course offers students original approach. Arizona Daily Wildcat, 7 April 1998

Feedback from our visitors

Our son was diagnosed with color blindness today. Researching on the internet lead me to your site and your problem sets. Thank you for the easy to understand presentation of the genetic link and an explanation of what he sees. I am not a student, teacher or researcher, but just a mom who is thankful to have found your site to help me understand. Thank you.


I teach high school biology and instruct at a local community college in the summers. I have recently started to incorporate internet activities into my courses. This summer I have placed my General Biology syllabus on-line and have been searching for activities to supplement the routine lectures and laboratory activities. The activities in the "The Biology Project" will provide an invaluable resource to help students succeed under the time constraints of a summer session laboratory course. My web page, which links to the syllabus page, can be found at

-Chris Halloran, Biology instructor at high school & community college level

I just wanted to comment about your website. It is extremely informative and useful! I work with a research team that deals with plant physiology. The question pools regarding photosynthesis are extremely helpful! Keep up the great work!

-Brett Hinkle, Biology Research Assistant, NASA/Ames Research Center

This is a site well worth visiting - many times! You will want to assign it to your students, and you may even want to check it out for a quick review. And more than that - it is FUN and ENGAGING! Check out The Biology Project at the University of Arizona.

-Access Excellence

I have just had a good look at this excellent project. As a fellow biology teacher may I congratulate you on a most stimulating and interesting way of teaching difficult ideas. I am a biology teacher in Devon, England teaching 16-18 year olds Advanced Biology. The internet is not readily available to all students at our school which is a pity as the programme would be ideal for them. Congratulations yet again.

-John Roberts, Biology Teacher

Just wanted to let you know I found your site useful! I'm a science writer (at the NIH) putting together an educational booklet on chemistry and health. I found just what I was looking for on metals in biology on your site. Thanks!

-Alison Davis

I am a junior that attends Dauphin County Technical School in Pennsylvania. Currently in my English class we are holding a mock trial, and I am a DNA expert in this trial. I would just like to thank you for the information from your pages, much of which will be useful to me in the mock trial.

-Jeremy Eberts, High School Student

I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much I love your site. I am a student at the University of Maryland, College Park, and I am taking Zoology 211. I did a web search looking for glycolysis because I have an exam soon, and not only did I find the topic, but I found almost every topic that will be covered in my exam. Also, your project allowed tutoring, which helped me with things that I was unsure of. I also reffered your project to my class because I found it so helpful. Thank You.

-Jennifer M. Mooty, Undergraduate Student

I have been examining your "Biology Project" website and I do have to say it is awesome. I teach AP biology in high school, and I believe I will be having my students using your website a great deal. Thanks for such a well-done job. Keep the site going. It provides me with an innovative research and review tool while incorporating computer and internet skills into my lessons. There is a large push for this in public education. They just aren't providing the funding for it. Once again, Thanks!

-Randy Daniel, AP Biology Teacher

Just found your site and I will share it with my colleagues. It is one of the best, if not THE best, sites that I have found. Thank you for putting it on the net. I am a high school science teacher in Garrett county, Maryland.

-High School Science Teacher

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