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Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes Work with the types of genetic and biochemical information used to unravel the inner workings of the lac operator-repressor regulation system.

Nucleic Acids Learn the basics about nucleic acids, how they form base pairs, and undergo replication and translation.

Recombinant DNA Technology Learn about some of the basic techniques and principles of recombinant DNA, and how recombinant DNA technology is applied to human health.

Eukaryotic Gene Expression Learn about gene expression in eukaryotes, including topics such as post-transcriptional modifications, mRNA synthesis, and RNA-DNA hybridization.

Science Niche section on biotechnology provides links to references, research tools, and laboratory/learning activities. Biotechnology is a rapidly advancing field that applies our understanding of the molecular nature of biological processes to real-world problems

The Human Genome Project's objective is to find all the genes on every chromosome in the human body and determine their biochemical nature. This site contains many links to information, U.S. and international research sites, and loci on specific chromosomes.


The Biology Project Home > Molecular Biology

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