Case Study 3

Dead Cattle, Bloated, with Epistaxis

There are eight questions to answer in this case study.

As first prize in a contest at the local supermarket, you are awarded a two week vacation in Mozambique. While touring the countryside, you observe an unexpected number of dead cattle. This arouses your curiosity, and you examine several carcasses to find that they are immensely bloated, and most have epistaxis. You are told that most animals died within one to two hours after onset of symptoms. You're considering the implications of these findings when you hear of illness and deaths among people who ate meat from some of the freshly-dead animals.

  1. Epistaxis
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Confirmation of Diagnosis
  4. Result
  5. Post Mortem Exam
  6. Effect on People
  7. Arrest in Nevada
  8. Vaccin

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