Case Study 1

A 64-year old male with fever, malaise, and cough.

There are six questions to answer in this case study

Patient's history
A 64-year old urbanite male reports to your practice with fever, malaise and a cough. His vaccinations are up-to-date, including DPT. His condition worsens over several days, with his temperature increasing to 40.4C and development of dyspnea (difficulty of breathing). You have him admitted to a nearby hospital, where laboratory analysis reveals abnormal liver and kidney function. His lungs show signs of mild inflammation with thin, watery secretion.
  1. Gram Stain
  2. Shape of Infecting Organism
  3. DPT
  4. Infecting Organism
  5. Source of the disease
  6. Primarily Human Pathogens?

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