The Biology Project was created for:

  • Biology students at college level

It is also used by:

  • Medical students
  • Physicians
  • Science writers
  • High school students
  • Home schooled students
  • Interested people
The Instructional Design takes full advantage of the interactivity of the Web to give students direct control of their learning.
  • Non-linear presentation
  • Richly illustrated
  • Requires active participation
  • Maintains student attention
  • Promotes learning interest
  • Enhances retention of learned material

The Project is based on:

  • problem sets with tutorials
  • case studies
  • laboratory simulations


The learning materials are tested by thousands of students

March 2000

  • 4 million hits
  • 181,413 user sessions
  • average of 9.43 minutes per session
Visitors from:
  • Universities
  • Community colleges
  • High schools
  • General public
  • Around the world

Kudos & Awards

The Biology Project was nominated

  • 1999 Webby Award in the Science category (International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences)
    (other nominees: NASA's Space Science Laboratory; Scientific American; the Exploratorium; and the Union of Concerned Scientists)

It was selected site of choice for Biology

  • Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine's Special Anniversary Issue

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  • Access Excellence
  • Department of Education's Gateway to Education Materials
  • BBC Education Web Guide
  • HMS Beagle


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