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Large Molecules Problem Set

Problem 12: Sequence of a longer polypeptide

A polypeptide 10 amino acids long is split into various smaller fragments, and the amino acid sequences of some of the fragments are determined. The identified fragments include: ala-gly-ser-gln, lys-trp-arg-pro, gln-his-lys, asp-ala-gly. What is the primary sequence of the polypeptide?

A. ala-gly-ser-gln-lys-trp-arg-pro-gln-his

B. asp-ala-gly-ser-gln-his-lys-trp-arg-pro

C. ala-gly-ser-gln-his-lys-trp-arg-pro-asp

D. lys-trp-arg-pro-gln-his-lys-asp-ala-gly

E. none of these

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