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Problem 10: Protein-protein interactions

Proteins 1 and 2 interact strongly. A significant part of the interaction is between the amino acid side chains shown below.
Protein 1= arginine C6H14N4O2 . Protein 2 = glutamic acid C5H9NO4
Assume that a mutation occurs in protein 2 that changes the amino acid shown above to one of the amino acids shown below.
Protein 2= aspartic acid C4H7NO4 , protein 2= Lysine C6H14N2O Protein 2= serine C3H7NO3 and protein 2= leucine C6H13NO2
What change should disrupt the interaction between proteins 1 and 2 the most? the least?

A. The most: aspartic acid; the least: leucine

B. The most: lysine; the least: serine

C. The most: Serine; the least: aspartic acid

D. The most: lysine; the least: aspartic acid

E. The most: aspartic acid; the least: serine

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