DNA Structure Activity

If you haven't already done so, open the file named "DNA.mcm" with either MacMolecule2 (MacOS) or PCMolecule2 (Windows) molecular visualization software (If need be return to the Introduction for instructions). You will switch back and forth between your web browser and Mac/PCMolecule2 by clicking in the windows of the two programs as you complete this exercise.

The 10 questions listed below are best answered in the order presented. For each question, you will be directed to a special view of DNA for use in answering the question. Good luck!

  1. Identifying the location of phosphate groups.
  2. Is DNA a right- or left-handed helix?
  3. Grooves in the DNA double helix.
  4. The deoxyribose sugar ring.
  5. Is the deoxyribose ring flat or puckered?
  6. Location of the sugar in the DNA double helix.
  7. Are the two strands of DNA parallel or anti-parallel?
  8. Structure of GC and AT base pairs.
  9. Location of GC and AT base pairs in DNA double helix.
  10. Features of the Watson-Crick Model for DNA structure.

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