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The Human Genetics Tutorial with problem solving exercises concerning the inheritance of the ABO blood group alleles has resulted in a steady stream of inquiries to the Biology Project from mothers, grandmothers, and children inquiring about the possible blood type of the father of a given child. Here is a typical inquiry:
"I have been reading your info about inheritance of blood types and I am getting very confused! I am trying to figure out what blood type the father of my son could have since my son and I are both type A+. Also, my brother is type 0 and my mom is A+. We can't find anything that explains how this can be. Could you please help??? --From a concerned Mom in Alberta, Canada"
Rick Hallick, Professor of Biochemistry at The University of Arizona, replied to each question received. We created a problem set with edited versions of the questions. Could you have helped these people? Compare your answers with Dr. Hallick's. We recommend going through his explanation of the inheritance of blood types and Rh factors before attempting to answer the questions. A review of the tutorials of blood types problem 11 and problem 13 of the Monohybrid Cross Problem Set of the Mendelian Genetics might also be helpful.

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