lacZ Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes Problem Set

Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes Problem Set

Problem 5: DNA transfer by an F factor


An E. coli strain is F lac Z met bio. Cells from this strain are mixed with an E. coli strain that is lac Z met bio and carrying an F' episome with the plac O lac Z DNA sequence on the episome, and cultured for several hours. Then cells were removed, washed, and transferred to minimal media containing lactose as the only sugar source. A few cells were able to grow on minimal media with lactose, and formed colonies. How did these few cells become
lac Z
met bio?

A. transformation
B. transduction
C. sexduction, a special type of conjugation
The process by which autonomous pieces of DNA are carried into an F bacterium by an F factor DNA is called sexduction.
D. conjugation
E. transposition

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