Credits for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Problem Set

Content author

Madeleine Lapointe
Senior Instructional Specialist
The Biology Project

Richard B. Hallick
Professor of Biochemistry
University of Arizona

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Madeleine Lapointe

Graphic artist

Nathan Hartvigsen
Graphic Designer
The Biology Project
Thanks to the following people for information, advice, and support:

Holly Avey, Lee Ann Hamilton, and Dr. Linda Lundergan from Campus Health Service,
Dr. Anna R. Giuliano and Sallie Saltzman from the Arizona Cancer Center.

Pictures are courtesy of Dr. Norman Levine from the Department of Dermatology.
Lapointe, M. & Hallick, R. B.(1997). Sexually Transmitted Diseases Problem Set. The Biology Project [Online], Available:

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December 18, 1998
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