Chemicals & Human Health

Toxicology Problem Set

Problem 2: Hazards and sources


One of the items below is a hazardous substance and the other four are sources of a hazardous substances. Which one is a hazardous substance?

A. clogged furnace
B. cigarette
C. a dog
D. paint applied before 1978
E. dust mite parts
A hazardous substance is a chemical that causes harm to our health. Dust mite parts cause an allergic reaction in many people. The source of dust mite parts is dust mites. Dust mites live in carpets, bedding and curtains. Some other common hazards and their sources are:
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Hazard: Source:
animal dander fur-bearing animals, such as dogs or cats
carbon monoxide broken appliances that incompletely burn natural gas or oil, such as furnaces or stoves
dust mite particles dust mites living in beds, carpets, curtains, furniture
lead paint applied before 1978, batteries, water pipes
mercury thermometers, filling in teeth, batteries
mold spores molds which are found especially in damp places like showers
tobacco smoke lighted cigarettes or cigars

Toxicology Problem Set Chemicals & Human Health

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