Chemicals & Human Health

Lung Toxicology Problem Set

Problem 1: Lung anatomy

Which of the following is NOT found in the human lung?

A. bronchiole
B. trachea
When you inhale, air moves from the nose and mouth, down to the larynx, down through the trachea. It does not reach the lungs until the trachea branches. The branched air passages are called the bronchi. The bronchi carry the air into the lungs. Each bronchus divides 20-30 times, becoming the bronchiole which take the air to the different parts of the lungs. Eventually the air reaches a cluster of "blind sacs" called alveoli, which is where the actual gas exchange occurs. An adult human can have up to 300 million alveoli in his or her lungs.
C. bronchi
D. alveoli

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