Photosynthesis Problem Set 2

Problem 7 Tutorial: Products of the dark reactions.

Which of the following would you expect to see as products of the dark reaction of photosynthesis?
A. carbon dioxide, NADPH and ATP

B. NADPH, Pi and ATP

C. carbon dioxide, ATP and glucose

D. glucose, NADP+ and ADP

E. water, carbon dioxide and light

Calvin-Benson cycle

To review the overall events that occur during the dark reactions of photosynthesis, also known as the Calvin-Benson cycle, please review the tutorial to question 6. A summary equation for this cycle, which shows both the reactants and products of the pathway, is as follows:

Products of the dark reactions

1. Glucose, C6H12O6. The carbon atoms of glucose come from CO2.
2. NADP+. This is the oxidized form of the electron carrier NADPH which is a reactant in the cycle.
3. ADP. The hydrolysis of ATP to ADP and Pi is a source of energy for carbohydrate biosynthesis.

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